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About Us

Our humble beginnings take us back to when we started as a small business selling handmade custom foam mirrors in Australia. Our founder has lived in several major cities filled with vibrant cultures and diverse interior spaces. Having lived in several homes, she has established a passion for interior design. Our contemporary products draw a bit of inspiration from vintage European homewares. These pieces have made our lives brighter and bolder, we hope our pieces do the same for you.

Our Vision

At Foam Furniture, we are continuously expanding and we wish to expand not only into larger scale pieces but to provide interior design services in the future. Beyond selling homeware pieces we hope to provide our community with a platform for creativity and freedom where everyone's voice is heard. 

Our Promise 

We are currently working on a way to further give back to society by looking for an NGO to partner with and donate to. Our brand consciously makes a conscious effort to remain sustainable wherever possible by using recycled packaging and reused boxes. We will support our customers wherever possible and provide them with the utmost service. Constantly innovating on ways to improve what we do and how we do it, we hope to be more than just a brand for our customers.

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